How to fix an SD card with failed formatting

Micro SD card has gone RAW, Showing as raw file system and is not able to format, how do I fix it?

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How to fix an SD card with failed formatting?

I was formatting micro SD card for my tablet with the DOS command to FAT32, and it was taking a long time so I went out to do errand. My roommate "helpfully" shut down my laptop while it was till formatting and now it is not recognizable in Windows 7. I tried plugging it into my tablet instead, which doe recognize it and acknowledges that it needs formatting, but can't do it because of its size. I tried viewing Disk Management and it doe not appear there. I have it connected via a USB adapter that makes it into a flash drive. What would I need to do to get it to allow me to reformat the card

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Sometime when we want to access a disk / drive / partition memory card, SD card, a popup dialogue box is shown bellow as: "The disk in drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?". In this situation, the file system is shown as "RAW" when we check the disk property. If we click "No", the partition cannot be accessed. On contrary, if we click "Yes", of course, we will lose all of the files stored on this partition.

2, Use Aidfile data recovery software "Full Scan" to recover files by file types if the card showing as "raw" file system partition..

How to recover data from an SD card failed formatting?

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Select "full scan" to recover data from Micro SD card failed formatting.