how to recover data from a dead wd hard drive

How to recover data from a dead wd hard drive?

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How to recover data from a dead wd hard drive?

Recently my friend was using my hdd but when i got it back and plugged it again i got this error
"reboot or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key error"
Its undetectable and it seems like its dead as everybody is telling me but please tell me if there is any way i can reuse it or atleast recover my data.

My external WD 500GB hd died; no warning signs or odd sounds, just plugged it in and nothing. I tried a different USB cable but no such luck. Tried the external on another computer, still nothing. I did the whole freezer thing and you guessed it, nothing. I have so much data on this drive.

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When the hard disk can not be identified, should not be easy to do the physical maintenance of the hard drive, be sure to have enough patience to find a solution. 2: The hard disk can not be identified, there are many hardware and software reasons, sometimes the file system or partition table damage, this situation, the direct use of data recovery software will be able to recover data; sometimes the motherboard configuration is damaged, the motherboard configuration reset to Factory settings, remove the motherboard battery and re-install the battery, in many cases this simple means will be able to solve the problem; some of the most common very simple problem, only need to clean up the computer parts of the dust can be; 3: Even if you have tried a variety of solutions, still can not solve the problem, do not be discouraged, have patience, still do not easily physical maintenance hard drive. 4: similar to the problems I mentioned earlier, and sometimes, the hard disk used for a long time, he just need to rest for some time, sometimes for another computer, only need more time to wait. It should be noted that some failures are caused by insufficient power supply 5: If in the end anyway can not solve the problem, do physical testing should be very cautious, at least in the detection of non-destructive means to be used. 6: A serious failure of the old hard drive, backup and recovery of important data, try not to continue to use.

2, Use Aidfile data recovery software "Full Scan" to scan the drive.

How to recover data from a dead wd hard drive?

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Select "full scan" to recover data from a dead wd hard drive.