Aidfile Recovery Software can help you
recovery files when Exfat / Fat32 / NTFS file system repartition of hard drive or external drive, usb drive .

RePartition recovery

RePartition recovery, Aidfile Recovery Software is powerful data recovery tool help you recover file data when repartition the hard drive . It supports EXFAT / FAT32 / NTFS file systems.

Use "Recover partition" to recover files after repartition quickly.

Use "Full Scan" to recover files after repartition with deep scan if "Recover partition" can not.

It is not recommended to rebuild partition. When partition table is damaged or the partition is deleted, using repartition tool to rebuild or format partitions may well destroy the original file allocation table (FAT) or master file table (MFT), and make the recovery harder. In our recovery practice, we have often met clients who turned to professionals for help after unsuccessful recovery of data with several partition tools when the partition table was damaged.
Client's attempts had an adverse effect on data recovery. Some important directory files were destroyed which led to incomplete data recovery. Even worse, some big files could not be recovered anymore. However, based on the client's description of the partition loss at the very beginning, some files normally could have been recovered completely. What a pity! Before rebuilding the partition tale, data recovery professionals will always find the exact location of partition (logical sector number) first and then employ a sector viewer to examine some vital parameters like DBR/FAT/FDT/MFT. These parameters should be confirmed prior to any change to the partition table. During the next start-up, the system will be forbidden to run the dskchk which may damage the partition directory. This will ensure no damage to the data.


Partitioning is to divide mass storage into isolated sections. Under DOS system, you can partition a disk, and each partition will work like a separate disk drive. Partitioning is particularly useful if you run more than one operating system. For example, you might reserve one partition for Windows 2000/XP/Vista Windows Server 2000 2003 2008 Windows 7/Windows 8 (32 bit & 64 bit).

Repartition usually means resize partition (enlarge or reduce space of the partition you want to change). This change is always related two partitions, one is enlarged and another one is reduced, or even more partitions get involved.

Aidfile RePartition Recovery Software Keyfeature

support FAT32 EXFAT and NTFS file system

support Win32 and Win64

support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8,Windows 8.1, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, 2008, 2012.

Support external hard drive, hard disk, usb flash drive, sd card, cf card, zip, etc.

MS Office document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) types (doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, pst, etc.),photos (JPG, PNG, ICON, TIF, BMP, RAF, CR2, etc.), videos and audios (MPG, MP4, MP3, MTS, M2TS, 3GP, AVI, MOV, RM, RMVB, etc.), compressed files (rar, zip, etc.), PE files (exe, dll, lib, etc.) and so on.

Recover file after repartition.

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Select the "Recover Partition " or "Full Scan" .