Aidfile Recovery Software can help you
recovery lost deleted formatted MS word excel, photo, music, video from Exfat/Fat32/NTFShard drive system or external drive, usb drive.

AidFile Recovery License Agreement

If you can not afford the price of Aidfile recovery software ,please contact us,we will help you.

But please do not download some crack edition,because crack edition alway means not safe.

Free download the lastes vesion Aidfile recovery software, now it is 3.675. Buy a license for yourself or get the 100% free code from here (registration name: FreeCodeA6 and registration code: 1ED9-17E1-4134-428F-E0CD-3C41-2762-726A)(registration name: FreeCodeA5 and registration code: 6830-B752-0902-64BC-26F9-4912-B8D0-9505). The 100% free key will be updated frequently.The free code term of use is not permanent.

Mitu Software Development Co., Ltd exclusively owns all copyrights of Aidfile recovery software.

Anyone may use the demo version of Aidfile recovery software. Before deciding upon the purchase, you may have a chance preview to verify whether your lost data can be recovered . But if you wish to save recovered files, you must purchase the full version.

Once registered, the user is granted an exclusive license to use. Aidfile recovery on one computer, for any legal purpose, at a time. You need a license for a machine on which the program is installed. The registered Aidfile recovery software may not be rented or leased but can be permanently transferred, if the person who receiving it agrees to the terms of this license.

Aidfile recovery demo version may be freely distributed, if the distribution package is not modified. No person or company may charge a fee for the distribution of Aidfile recovery software free trial version without written permission from the copyright holder.

Aidfile recovery software is distributed "AS IS". No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. You use at risk yourself. Aidfile recovery software only scan your drive or disk and you may save the files to free space, Aidfile never to damage your disk and data.

Software Support will only be provided by e-mail and only on the most current version. Queries regarding the installation and use of the software should be submitted by e-mail to Requests for additional features and enhancements should be submitted by e-mail to We will attempt to implement all reasonable requests but is not obliged to implement it. If you have questions about buying or updating our products, please Email us at

You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, de-compile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the licensed program, or any subset of the licensed program, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this license and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution.

COPYRIGHT. Aidfile recovery software is owned by Mitu Software Development Co., Ltd. and is protected by International copyright laws and treaty provisions.

Mitu Software Development Co., Ltd reserves the right to change the license agreement of the software. Mitu Software Development Co., Ltd has the right to change the product as it sees fit Mitu Software Development Co., Ltd reserves the right to change prices without notice. Mitu Software Development Co., Ltd reserves all rights that are not expressly granted here.

Installing and using Aidfile recovery software signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of the license. If you do not agree with the terms of this license you must remove Aidfile recovery software files from your storage devices and cease to use the product.

Use Aidfile recovery software recover your lost data files

Aidfile data recovery can recover the data while there is an error happens to your software, for example: partition error writing, unintentional formatting, accidentally deletion, false backup, MBR losing, bad sector of BOOT, virus attack, Hackers Attack, conversion error, partition logic error, logical bad sectors of hard drives, physical damage of hard drives, partition table lost, and more. The success rate is exclusively high.

Aidfile Recovery Software is a powerful data recovery tool for rescue files from deleted / formatted / repartition / missing drives / partition table damaged etc. It supports FAT32 / EXFAT / NTFS file systems.

Aidfile Undelete Recovery Software Keyfeature

support FAT32 EXFAT and NTFS file system

support Win32 and Win64

support hard disk,usb drive,flash drive,sd card ,cf card and so on.

support recover files from deleted partition

Not support iPhone and iPad

How to get Aidfile recovery software full version with free license code

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